Easy Air Fryer Donuts

Easy Air Fryer Donuts


What better way to start our Caribou & Birch Blog than with something deliciously sweet to set out on your beautiful farmhouse style Riser or Tiered Tray!

I started making donuts on the stove top a long time ago when finding out that my oldest son was allergic to eggs. We now eat more of a plant based lifestyle, yet still like our junk food so this continues to be a favorite occasional recipe that we will indulge ourselves into a sugary coma over.

I was very excited to see Jill from Kitchen fun with my three sons cook my son's favorite dessert in the air fryer! No more hot stove top oil? Yes Please!

I used her air fryer directions below with a few of my own changes....

1. I used homestyle biscuits and the donuts came out more like cake donuts which we love. We will try the flaky next time, and possibly glazed!

2. I used plant based butter. Any Butter/Margarine works just fine.

3. My Air Fryer has trays instead of a basket, so I added them onto the bottom try and only air fried one layer at a time. I flipped them over to brown both sides just over half way through frying.

4. I stored leftovers in the refrigerator to add and keep moisture. The next day we heated them up in the microwave for a few seconds on each side, they were even more amazing on day two!

As you can see in the pictures of my results, I will never go back to the messy oil filled overly saturated pan. This has changed my ever lovin' sometimes we just need to indulge junk food heart.

Now go grab that recipe here and Enjoy!

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